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Employment law violations put NBC News under legal microscope

On Behalf of | May 15, 2020 | Employment Law |

California employers are undoubtedly aware of the prevalence of employee complaints about sexual harassment and other employment law violations. While the #metoo movement has been cited as making it easier for employees to lodge complaints about mistreatment, employers are expected to take the necessary steps to protect employees.

An investigation in New York examined how NBC News employees were subjected to subsequent employment law violations including retaliation after complaining about sexual harassment and discrimination. Subject to the investigation were high-profile employees including the head of NBC News Andy Lack and former host Chris Matthews. Employees who reported on misconduct were allegedly also retaliated against.

Sources gave information to reporters about the employment violations they faced and their experience discussing the case with the authorities. There were many women who complained about the culture at the network and the tepid or aggressive response to their concerns. It was recently announced that Mr. Lack was leaving his position and departing the network. Mr. Matthews resigned after his inappropriate behavior toward women was widely reported. NBC higher-ups were accused of trying to stop reporters from presenting stories about Harvey Weinstein and former NBC Today co-host Matt Lauer.

Despite an increased focus on their plight and a public belief that they are in a better position to inform employers about sexual harassment, employees who are sexually harassed are often reluctant to speak out. The response at NBC is an example as to why they may be fearful. For people who are confronted with employment law violations, it is wise to get the mistreatment on record. Still, it is possible that the employer will continue committing violations. Discussing the case with a law firm experienced in employment law from an employee’s perspective may help the victim receive compensation and justice.