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California laws touted as real progress in #MeToo movement

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2020 | Employment Law |

The #MeToo movement has been an ongoing watershed moment in the struggle against sexual harassment in the workplace – not just in California, but nationwide. As it turns out, there may be thousands and thousands of women out there who have suffered through embarrassing harassment issues and never thought they would have the opportunity – or courage – to come forward. That has all changed.

Laws help progress

A recent news article touted how much California’s laws have been a part of the attempts to curtail and even hope to end sexual harassment in the workplace. For example, as the article mentioned, California has changed laws relative to non-disclosure agreements. “NDAs,” in the past, and even now throughout the rest of the country, have been used to silence those who have been harassed. Furthermore, California also has laws in place relative to “no-rehire” clauses which, as the recent article mentioned, had the potential to be used to keep harassment victims out of a certain industry almost permanently.

There have been other law changes in California that have been extremely helpful in the fight against sexual harassment as well. The recent article notes that the time to file a lawsuit based on such conduct has been extended, allowing alleged victims more time to take action, if needed.

Sexual harassment is still a problem in workplaces throughout America. But, states are moving forward with law changes that provide some hope that this issue could be addressed properly. Anyone in California who believes that they have been the victim of sexual harassment may want to research the legal options in their own unique situation.